Finally, iMODELER 5

The new iMODELER 5.0 comes with a number of minor features and improvements as animation of Insight Matrices and simulation graphs or the possibility of cloud access from the desktop version or the export to the word format. With its major improvements the iMODELER becomes: 

- more impressive: you can now use pictures to develop beautiful models. Children can even start modeling before they can read and write. Qualitative models as a kind of lingua franca.

- more instructional: included are now a number of step by step tutorials that show how to model strategies, personal happiness, projects, meetings and even a quantitative model.

- more powerful: the new Model-Manager allows to duplicate and backup models and you are now able to insert models or parts of them into other models.

- more flexible: you can now easily collect factors that are not connected yet and an animated view of all unconnected factors allow to connect them in a very smart way.

- more enlightening: the Insight Matrix can now show attributes from factors by a varying size of bubbles. An attribute might be the likelihood of an incident or the current state of a measure attached to a factor and the Insight Matrix then shows by the position of the factor how important/effective a factor is, and by its size the attribute. That is, for example, a very powerful feature to track the progress and risks of projects.

Here is a video show the major new features:

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