iMODELER 4 is there

The latest version of the mighty brain enhancement

Everything gets increasingly complex. Projects, developments, even our private life. In never-ending thoughts, meetings and debates we find some who think they already know everything while others are eager to fully understand the interconnections behind each challenge. According to studies we cannot grasp the interplay of more than four factors without the help of a tool.

The leading software to grasp the interplay of a large number (even thousands) of factors is probably the iMODELER (and NOT any kind of insight-free mind mapping solution). We can visualize and analyze the interplay of factors of any challenge. Analyzing means that either without any formula and data we qualitatively model and read from the so called insight matrix what the crucial factors, e.g. measures or risks, are, or that we quantitatively use data and formula to simulate scenarios to foresee the likelihood of possible developments.

The iMODELER works just like our brain: we look at interconnections right in front of our eyes. We change perspectives and move the attractively looking 3D-view of our model. Cluster, filter, show/hide levels, linked documents or even the possibility to use speech input help to handle any size of model.

It is important to note that the iMODELER doesn’t need any special rules or notations. You simply model like you think, speak or read a text. Interconnections are translated into factor in arrows stating that something leads directly to more or less of something else, short, medium or long term to a comparable weak, middle or strong extent. 

You can share models via internet or even model them collaboratively. A presenter allows to generate a slideshow of important views and results. A pdf-report with print optimization adds to this.

Then there is a mighty simulation game functionality, not just for business trainings and schools and universities (there is a free educational version of the iMODELER), but to interactively explain interconnections to anybody.

As a guidance for explorative modeling to get truly new insights there is the KNOW WHY method by Kai Neumann. For more see:

The iMODELER runs on all devices, be it a Windows, Linux or Mac, Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) - the latter as a web-service with a cloud while for Win/Mac/Linux there is also a desktop version. The iMODELER is for qualitative modeling only, while the iMODELER+ also offers quantitative modeling. Compared to other simulation tools the iMODELER comes extremely inexpensive. Prices start at approximately 10 EUR/month to no more than 595 EUR for a desktop version.

You may directly test it via or visit the .

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