Next to many smaller improvements you will find as major new features

  • the iM-Optimizer

Use a range() formula in order to try different values and the iMODELER suggests when you start the simulation to use the iM-Optimizer. It allows to define side conditions and a (max/min) target. It will then use an intelligent brute force algorithm to come up with the optimal set of parameters. For example, you have three areas to spend your budget but the total budget is limited to 100. You can then use for area a - c the formula range(1;100;1) and the side condition, that a+b+c <= 100 and that profit should be maximised.  The iM-Optimizer will either calculate all possible (1 mio. in this case) combinations or use an algorithm to reduce the number of possible combinations to come up with the three optimal combinations to allocate your budget to a, b, and c.

  • the iM-Data Manager

If you have quantitative factors you will find the Data Manager in the Menu. There you can define a couple of imports and exports (Excel or csv) that can be reused again and again. A nice feature is the possibility to define a table to import parameters into your model by exporting an empty table with all parameters first. That way, the connection between the columns of the table and the factors from your model is already defined.

  • the identification of constraints: 

within the results of process factors. The iMODELER features the Process iMODELER (PiM) that comes with dedicated factors for processes, resources, milestones, level-resources, and projects. You can simply connect them and the PiM processes without sophisticated formula the logic of processes running only if resources form other processes are left and only if they haven’t reach their stop criteria. (note: this is a very challenging task with mere system dynamics factors). Until recently you had to do some research in order to see why a process is running or not, whether there is a stop criteria reached or a resource not available. With version 8 the iMODELER indicates the constraints either by grey background in the graph view or through highlighted cells in the table view so you can immediately see why a process isn’t running. 

Version 8 has a lot of improvements under the hood. Here is the link to our new manual:

Here, you can order the new version: iMODELER 8

iM8 Optimizer

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