Youth Participation in Germany

The youth designs a sustainable future by using the iMODELER

Within the project “The youth designs a sustainable future” about 2,400 pupils from more than 48 German schools will develop visions of a sustainable future for their own regions.

To reach this goal a new concept for project weeks at schools will be developed. In addition, Consideo will provide young people (and schools) a free platform to

- develop their own models of the future (by using the iMODELER)

- publish their models and

- share their models.

Through this the youth acts as pioneers, applying systems thinking and qualitative cause and effect modeling to consider the crucial factors and interconnections behind our future challenges.

Funding: AktivRegionen Schleswig-Holstein (LEADER)

Duration: March 2018 - March 2021

Partner: Institut für Vernetztes Denken Bredeneek

Here, you will find more information: Jugend gestaltet nachhaltige Zukunft

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