Short introduction: iMODELER & KNOW-WHY.NET (Free of charge / 05:00 - 06 :00 PM GMT+2)

Online-Session: Short introduction: iMODELER & KNOW-WHY.NET (free of charge)

Time: 05:00 - 06:00 PM GMT+2 (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien)

Provider: CONSIDEO GmbH

Content: The main functions of the iMODELER (Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis/Simulation) are demonstrated directly in the application using small example models. The KNOW-WHY method including the questioning technique for searching for the decisive influencing factors and for the systemic reflection of a cause-effect model will also be presented. In addition, the analysis options in the insight matrix and in the simulation cockpit will be demonstrated - as well as the possibilities around www.KNOW-WHY.NET

The short introduction is ideal for beginners. After the session, extensive materials (example models, manual, etc.) will be made available free of charge by e-mail.

Location: Online

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