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Research Report: The report describes a separate model that can be used as a simulation game to allow e.g. pupils to play the roles of citizens, politicians, or business-people and experience their interdependencies through the lock-in effect and the spillover effects as they are explained in part 2 of the reports.

Participatory, explorative, qualitative modeling: application of the iMODELER software to assess trade-offs among the SDGs / Authors: Kai Neumann, Carl Anderson, and Manfred Denich

Guidance - Part 1: Systemic Strategy Development and Risk Analysis (incl. Strategy Maps and SWOT Analysis)

Guidance - Part 3 (Quantitative Optimization and Risk Analysis of Projects and Processes)

Version 8 is available incl. iM-Optimizer, iM-Data Manager and ToC (Theory of Constraints)

The latest verion iMODELER 6 is now available ...

KNOW-WHY.NET starts successfully. KNOW-WHY.NET is our platform for sharing models from different fields.

The new iMODELER 5.0 is more impressive, more instructional, more powerful, more flexible and more enlightening.

Kai Neumann's new interactive iBook filled with exercises, example models, a video and even a collaborative world model is now available for Mac and iPad. Check out in your iBook store.

The new iMODELER 4 comes with a bunch of new features. 

iMODELER now knows undo/redo and the iMODELER+ now features Monte Carlo Simulations and Range() Simulations. With Monte Carlo you get a more realistic range of possible outcomes - not just one curve....

The iMODELER (Service) automatically features the latest improvements and now we have uploaded iMODELER (Desktop Version), too.
You can use your old download - link of version 3.0 to get this update...

A few days and we will finally release the latest iMODELER with new features, new price, new names and the first version of the quantitative iMODELER, called iMODELER+.
The local version is now called...

On a very small number of pages Kai has packed background information on systems thinking, KNOW-WHY-Thinking, the KNOW-WHY-Method, Tipps and Tricks on (i)Modeling and its concrete application to plan...